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Welcome to our Careers page!

What do you think about joining a team that is thrilled about an idea of how technology can change spaces we live and work at to better? We are innovative and bold, and are looking to expand our team of professionals who are ready to be a part of the community which is creating the new build world through cutting-edge IoT and software. Want to become a part? Look below.

Our Story

We develop and service building automation software that empowers property owners, home builders, and managers to effectively manage, protect and automate daily operational processes. We have bootstrapped our business from scratch by providing design & development services to clients around the world. In 2019. we have created a specialized agency for custom software development that helped some of the best companies in the world deploy software for their commercial and residential properties - we grew by 290% ever since. 

While we still operate as an agency, we are entering a new chapter and want to become a leading provider of IoT and digital solutions for buildings around the world. In order to achieve so, we have recruited 20+ masters of design, engineering, management, and real estate, and are always looking for the next generation of talent to join our engineering and business teams.

How do we select team members?

We are guided by the principle of fairness and confidentiality while thriving to be quick and easy-going in all our selection processes. In all selection steps, you will be met with two-sided communication and relaxed interview sessions.

1st step - Introduction

Here we get to know each other, tell us about your experiences and your interests. We will help you do this by asking questions about your personality and profession - we understand it will take us months to get to know each other, so we try to be easy-going and ask direct questions. You also get the opportunity to ask us anything and explore for yourself.

2nd step - Technical Interview

Technical tasks or a technical discussion with one of our senior experts. This stage will show you how the actual job would look like and how do you fit in! Afterward, we make a joint discussion about how we see ourselves working together and other work details.

Who do we look for?

You are a kind person, you are not afraid to start initiatives, you are self-driven and confident to go outside of your comfort zone. You look for a team where you can learn, teach and explore because you are always curious. 

You can see the potential in using technology to create better spaces and improve the way people live and work. You are excited about what we can do together in the field of building automation and property digitalization.

What do we offer?

Internal talks
Relaxed and fun, but also quite educational deep-drive into technology, business, and design behind solutions that automate and improve buildings, workspaces, and property markets.

Joining business and R&D teams
We want to bring business, marketing, product, and engineering teams together to collaborate in creating the next generation of building technology - you will always have access to the teams across all the projects.

Flexible working hours
Grabbing a coffee or beer with the team anytime, working fewer hours but more effective, home-offices or team trips is something we practice regularly.

Bonuses and Costs covered
In addition to all that, we also offer you Christmas, Easter, and vacation allowances. Transportation and relocation costs are also covered.

Latest tech and tools
Get a laptop to do your best work + a budget to set up your working environment. Get free books, online courses, and conferences: whatever you like, anytime, no questions asked.

Health check-ups
Paid annual general medical examination, supplementary health insurance, and MultiSport card to help you feel awesome even outside work.

Pet-friendly office
Your furry friend is welcome to join you at work in our new and spacious office. Additionally, you'll get pet insurance in case of any unexpected veterinary costs (for vaccinated and microchipped pets).

Our Team

A group of curious, bold, and tech-savvy people creating the next generation of buildings that are operated by technology. We are excited and passionate about what we do, but are also very grounded and understand that big changes come in small steps. 

Our team is always looking to learn and expand with top talent in areas of business, product development, real estate, and engineering. We cherish team spirit, we encourage curiosity, collaboration and never forget to have fun!


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